Super Laundry

Privacy Policy

1. The customers are requested to carefully preserve this receipt for taking delivery.

2. Goods not claimed within one month will be sold to recover the charges and no claim regarding these shall be entertained after that period.

3. Terms are strictly cash on or before delivery.

4. Owing to the condition or character of articles such goods are accepted or clean at the owner’s risk.

5. The cleaners reserve the right of dry cleaning or chemically cleaning looking at the nature of the garment. Special care is being taken to avoid shrinkage or fading of colors as far as possible.

6. Removal of spots or stains is not guaranteed.

7. firm shall not remain responsible for breakage of buttons etc. while cleaning.

8. No liabilities are excepted for any delay, however arising not for any loss by burglary, housebreaking larceny, or fire.

9. In a case of fire, the claim will be paid proportional to the insurance claim received, as all the garments are insured against fire only.

10. Customer agrees and understands in case of loss or damage, the liability of super laundry will be limited to extend of 10 times offer the services charges or maximum Rs. 1000/-.

11. Before giving garments please check all the pockets. No responsibility of cleaners.

12. If there is any sort of complaint about the clothes, Kindly bring them back within 7 days of delivery. After that, we are not responsible

13. Disputes, if any will be subject to Jaipur jurisdiction only.

Customer Reviews

Super Laundry

Customer Reviews

Suraj Kumar

Google Review
We simply loved the service! Fast, competitive prices, good customer service & perfectly packed. Very good job. I highly recommend them.

Nikanj Pareek

Google Review
One of the best place to get your laundry done. They can do washing plus ironing also. Additional benefit is they can clean your sports shoes.

Ananda Das

Google Review
I have to say I am super impressed! We gave it a try, in October 2019, and now we are loyal customers.These guys are quick , punctual & reasonable priced. They are easy to communicate with & always do quality checks before they process the laundry. I checked out their competitors and honestly, super laundry beats them on value, responsiveness & efficiency. Strongly recommend them!

Gopal Singh Bisht

Google Review
I was extremely happy with the services of super laundry as they are very professional and responsive in providing quality laundry service. I strongly recommend them if you are looking for any of your laundry needs.

Rebekah Bibby

Google Review
We were visiting Jaipur just for one night, we left our washing with super laundry in the morning and it was ready by 2pm the same day. They were happy to deliver to our hotel and even brought change as we only had large notes.
The clothes were exceptionally washed, dried, pressed and folded. Every item came back in perfect condition, almost like new. They did a beautiful job, we’re very happy and would highly recommend to locals and travellers.

Loreen M

Google Review
When arriving in Jaipur Feb 2020, we had several items to be cleaned. We called and they were able to come pick up from our hotel same day! They returned next day and the clothes are so clean and fresh! Thanks so much for a wonderful experience! We truly appreciate it!

Shivani Patel

Google Review
Extremely professional, and efficient service. We went and dropped off the washing and it was delivered back to my hotel a few hours later. All cleaned, folded and sorted. Pricing was reasonable and they even took special care of a few items we pointed out and even read the labels to make sure there was no issues. Would recommend!